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Support Circle is in the process of developing its School Social Work Service. Partnering with Universities means that schools will gain the services of an almost qualified social worker, at no cost to the school, for a period of 80-100 days whilst students complete learning in practice. All that schools need to supply is an individual for the student to report to: a work based supervisor to allocate and supervise day-to-day work. The University and Social Work Practice Educator will assist with this.

Students will be interviewed by the Practice Educator and prepared for the prospect of a schools based placement. Only students who are considered suitable for a schools based placement will be accepted and placed.

A high level of support can be guaranteed to schools and students who become part of Support Circle.

Your Practice Educator

Cathryn Jani Support circle

All students will be supported by Cathryn Jani (Director Support Circle)

Cathryn qualified as a Social Worker in 1989. She studied for a degree in Sociology and the Certificate of Qualification in Social Work for four years at the University of Bath.

Cathryn has over 25 years’ experience as a Children and Families Social Worker. She has worked primarily in the Nottinghamshire area in a variety of settings. From 2004-2006 Cathryn worked as a Practice Learning Officer for Nottinghamshire County Council organising and supporting social work student placements.

Cathryn is a level 2 Practice Educator and a member of BASW. From 2006 -2010 Cathryn was employed as a Senior Lecturer and Placement Coordinator at the University of Lincoln. It was during this period that Cathryn first developed schools based social work placements and realised the mutual benefits of these.